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2020 Social Media Predictions

by | January 6, 2020 | 2 comments

As always, my first blog of the year is always about social media predictions for the new year. This year, as you can tell is no exception. 
Below, I have created a list of my 5 predictions for social media this year.

1. Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories were huge in 2019 with 500 million daily users but I think they will be even more popular in 2020.
I think a larger percentage of people will start to create their own Instagram Story content this year, rather than just watching other users Stories.

With the knowledge slowly getting out to business owners about how effective they are as part of a social media marketing strategy (even though us marketers have been saying this for years). People are seeing how other business users are making them work, how much fun they are and how much of a better relationship you can have with your audience when you use Instagram Stories.

Will you be giving Instagram Stories a go this year?
If you are not sure how to use them, how to create a strategy using stories then check out the training I have on Instagram, Instagram Stories and selling on Stories inside my group coaching programme – Social Wonderland Society


2. Linkedin
This platform is far from stuffy or corporate. Back in 2014 Microsoft took over Linkedin and has been giving it a make over ever since. Linkedin is not just for corporate people, my news feed is flooded with content from entrepreneurs and influencers. I love it! 
The great thing about Linkedin is that your content works extra hard for you and this seem to be a massive appeal to entrepreneurs, content creators and influencers. 
If you haven’t ever thought of Linkedin as a platform for you business or blog, I recommend checking it out like the other 645 million people.
You can connect with me over on Linkedin here>>>


3. Tik Tok
Whether you have heard of it or not, the fun social media platform is full of funny videos that are being created by everyone (and not just bloggers, business owners or influencers). Right now Tik Tok is blowing up and having a bit of a snowball effect with more and more people joining it everyday. Tik Tok right now is reminding me what Periscope was like when it first came out. If you can’t remember periscope it was a live video streaming platform that was extremely popular when it first came out and fizzled out after a couple of years.
I think Tik Tok is another short lived social media platform and unless you have a team that manages all of your social media accounts, I wouldn’t invest a lot of time into this platform.


4. Direct Messaging
Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be prioritising family and friends on the newsfeed over media and business posts. With that in mind we have to think how this translates to having conversations with clients on social media- make them private. Messenger apps such as ManyChats are a great way to stay in touch with your audience, let them know when you are releasing a new training or product.
I also think having one to one conversations with you audience is a great way for you to get to know them better, which helps you with your business and it helps to get them to know, like and trust you in an authentic way.



5. Community
Community is key in my opinion to marketing a business on social media. It’s better to have a 100 followers who are engaged and want to hear from you, than a 1000 followers who aren’t engaged.
In 2020 I think that communities on social media are going to be really important. Concentrate on how you can cultivate your audience into a community rather than growing your followers. Growing your social media accounts should be a by-product. Provide your community with content that solves their pain-points, provide value and post what they need, not what you want to post.

So that’s my 5 social media predictions for 2020. I can’t wait to see what takes off with social media marketing this year, we usually get a good insight by March. I find this time of year so exciting with so much anticipation of what is to come!

I wish you every success in your business in 2020

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  1. Marisu

    As always, great insight into the world of social media marketing! I am inputting alot of this into my daily practice this year. Thanks Katie!

    • Business Wonderland

      That’s great to hear, Marisu!


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