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Creating graphics for your social media posts

by | April 10, 2019 | 0 comments

Creating graphics for your social media posts is super important! If any one tell you any different, don’t believe them. Trust me, I know how much a good graphic can help with getting more attention on social media! I’ve witness how a change of a social media graphic from meh to yay, can make a post go viral. 

In this blog I share my social media graphic tips and how I create all of my social media and blog graphics. 
You can watch the video below or keep on scrolling for the text version (but that also includes a video part) 


A graphic or photo will help social media users decide if they are going to stop scrolling to look at your post.
Yes, people do judge your social media post by its appearance. 

I recommend working and think about your graphics and photos your use for your post as much as your content.
Your photos and graphics need to compliment your brand and all need to have the same feel. You don’t have to plaster your brand colours over every graphic that you create but an accent of your brand colours is recommended.

I create all of my social media and blog graphics in Designsta. It’s an online graphic design platform, created for business owners like you and me. It has 1000s of pre-made templates that you can use, change up the colours and fonts to make it your own. Templates include, Facebook, Instagram Soties, Pinterest, Twitter, workbooks, business cards plus lots more!

How to create graphics for your social media posts

Made using Designsta

There is a free version of Designsta, a basic and also a VIP level. The free version allows you to create square 800px by 800px graphics that you can use for Facebook or Instagram. Although, I only recommend using graphics on Facebook. Instagram is more about photos.

In the video below, I will walk through how to create a square graphic in Designsta. 

Remember when you are using graphics for your social media posts and blogs, think does this feel like my brand? Is it eye catching? Will it stop people from scrolling? Is the font easy to read? Does it contain less than 20% text if you are using the graphic on Facebook? Is it an optimised size for the social media platform e.g. Pinterest?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are good to post your graphic on social media.

Every Wednesday inside my free Facebook Group, Mindful Social Media, I create a post invited members to share their graphic with the group. I would love you to share your social media graphic with the group. If you aren’t a member yet, you can join us here>>>


P.S I also have a training inside of my membership Social Wonderland Society where we go into depth about creating social media graphics for your business. For more information click here>>>

Disclaimer – I am an affiliate for Designsta. When you sign up to a VIP account, I receive a small monetary amount from Designsta at no extra cost to you

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