Engaging Content Club with Katie Tovey-Grindlay

Do any of these points resonate with you?

  • Your plan when it comes to posting on social media is to “wing it” which worked well when you started your business but it’s not working anymore.
  • You’re posting content but aren’t getting the desired results and therefore sales are inconsistent. If only more people could see your content, you know you could help them.
  • You drop an offer with all the details and how people can join but then struggle to continue to talk about it in different ways throughout the launch. You tend to give up on the launch before it’s really got started.
  • You only know what to post on social media when you are selling. Weeks go by without posting and you only start to post again when you are getting ready to drop a new offer.

If any of those point resonate with you, you’re not alone and I’m here to help and support you

What’s inside Engaging Content Club?

ECC is a membership for service based business owners who want to sell services or coaching whilst building a community of ride or dies, without having to jump on trends, be a slave to the algorithm or have to convince people why they should work with you.

  • You want to know how to speak about your offer with different types of content that feel fun and easy to YOU.
  • You want to learn what to post, why and when, have focus, be empowered by showing up as yourself and not be controlled by made up rules.
  • You’re ready for your audience to read your post, watch your stories, binge your entire feed and instantly say “How can I work with you?”
  • You want to feel confident and convicted in your marketing efforts whether people are reaching out or not.
  • You’re ready to start owning that you are the only person who can do what you do in the way that you do it. 
  • You no longer want your self worth to come from external numbers in order to feel good about your business and you’re so over checking how your post is doing every 5 minutes. 

You started this business for a reason.

You aren’t here to play small or safe.

You’re not here to worry and question everything you are posting or doing.You’re ready to take action and go all in on making this business a huge success.

When you’re ready for this, I’m the mentor for you!

Welcome to Engaging Content Club

You’ll get instant access to my 5 part Choose your own adventure method that will help you take your content from basic bitch to badass.

Monthly Live Coaching Calls

Plug in every month for 60 minutes where we go deep into energetics, mindset strategies and remember who the f*ck you are so you can make the big moves in your business.

Q&A Calls on Zoom

Get your burning questions answered in detail by me.

We cover topics like offers, launching, strategy, content formulas, content ideas, selling, community building.

Content Audit

Every month you can apply to have a content audit. Whether you want an audit on the content you have posted, emails or a whole account audit.

Work Together Sessions

Perfect if you’ve got work to do and need accountability.
It’s like body doubling but virtually.

Gift 1

Sold out on Stories Challenge

A four week Instagram story challenge where you receive prompts Monday -Friday that you can plug in and use on your Instagram stories so you can sell your offers to your hottest leads.

Gift 2


Audio love notes that will inspire you and motivate you to take action and step into your power.

Gift 3

Masterclass Replays

Get access to some incredible masterclass replays such as: Networking for opportunities, Storytelling via your content and lead generation part 1 and 2.

Gift 4

60-minute 1:1

 1x 60 minute 1:1 session over Zoom with Katie (worth £555) when you sign up as an annual member

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