A monthly membership to help service based business owners create content that converts with a focus on social media, strategy and growing a community.

Inside you’ll find trainings that are easy to digest and straight forward:

Daily actions to focus on

Content Foundations

Ideal Client formula

Content Roadmap

✨ Insta Story Training + Sold out on stories challenge

Storytelling via your content 

And more! 

Not only do you get access to self-paced training and tutorials.

You also get access to live group sessions, where you can get your questions answered, come up with content ideas and find the right strategy for you.

ECC membership is an intimate and support space so you can build a successful business.

This doesn’t happen by accident or by riding the algorithm. It’s all strategy. 

Who is ECC for?



Service providers

Inside of ECC you’ll learn that we don’t chase numbers, we do things our way and we don’t sell our souls to the latest trend or hack. Your content does the selling for you. 

“This membership is the best investment I made in a membership since 2015! Katie makes it so easy to create social media content that actually works! The calls are the highlight of my week as now I know once I make it to the call, I’ll walk out with my content for the week ready to copy and paste and will have it seen by a true expert and get super valuable feedback on it which is priceless, Honestly!

Katie is so cheerful, encouraging, and a delight to work with. I’m so grateful to have found her as she truly changed my mind about social media and made it so effortless for me.”

Kenz Soliman
Online course business mentor

Optimise instagram bio

“Before joining ECC I had just pivoted my niche and wanted to update the way I spoke to my audience which was a little overwhelming, and I never had the capacity to have my content written out planned in advance.

2 weeks/sessions in and I’ve gotten 2 weeks of content planned and the strategy for July ready to fill out with captions. Very excited about showing up now, having so much done in advance which shows in my energy, thank you Katie!”

Rita Roushdy
Abundance on Demand