Hi, Hello!

I’m Katie, I started my first business back in 2011 after leaving the Royal Navy.

I’ve put all my experiences together so I can help service based business owners (like you) with your organic content.

I love building communities offline and online. I also have a passion when it comes to connecting people “oh, you should speak to Barbara” 

I’m a self confessed crazy dog lady, I live with my 3 dogs and my husband in the suburbs of Bristol, UK. 

My specialities:

  • Bigger picture thinking
  • Content ideas
  • Content strategy and plans
  • Instagram for business
  • Facebook for business
  • Community building and management

I’m here to be your coach/consultant and your loyal cheerleader!

I’m a luxe loving girl with hippy tendencies.

Give me Gucci, crystals and a full moon and I’m happy.

I believe in kindness, integrity, honesty and as a typical Leo I’m extremely loyal.

I’m neuro-sparkly, I have dyslexia and self diagnosed ADHD.

In 2014, I accidentally started the biggest online community for pet professional #woofwoofwednesday. Where we reached between 7-9 million people every week on Twitter.

We had 1000s of pet business owners from around the world join in as well as some well known people and brands such as: Google UK, MTV, Radio 6 Music, Channel 4, Pandora, Sir Paul McCartney, Kripsy Kreme and many more!

I launched Business Wonderland in 2018, after only servicing pet professionals for 4 years. I wanted to help more service based business owners and not just those in the pet industry. It’s enabled me to serve a community of 100s of entrepreneurs from multiple countries and continents.

Katie Tovey-Grindlay, founder of Business Wonderland, embarked on her business journey in 2011 with a simple desire; to spend more time with her dog, Bertie. What began as a dog walking and home boarding business quickly evolved into something much bigger after accidentally started the biggest online community for pet professionals. 

Through her membership, Engaging Content Club, Katie has a unique method  “Choose Your Own Adventure”. Where she empowers business owners to carve their own path, throw out the rule book, embrace their strengths, and create a business that resonates with their values.

Katie is the host of “Organic Content Marketing” Podcast where she shares tips, advice on content, social media, marketing and business.

You can find her spending too much time on Instagram or at her digi home, businesswonderland.co.uk