7 easy ways to increase your podcast’s reach, listeners, and downloads

You spent time recording and editing your latest podcast episode. It’s packed full of useful information that you know your audience will love and find super helpful.

But your podcast isn’t getting in front of as many people as you would like.

So how can you get more people to listen to and download your podcast?

Check out 7 easy strategies that you can start doing today!

1. One episode – multiple pieces of content

We are planning to take one of your podcast episodes and turn it into multiple pieces of content for different platforms.

If you can, don’t just record the audio of your podcast but also film it. You can use something as simple as Zoom for this.

  • Post the video version of your podcast on YouTube ensuring that your title is something your audience would search for.
  • Transcribe the audio of your podcast and turn it into a blog post.
  • Create a graphic of your podcast episode and create a pin for Pinterest with a link back to your blog or YouTube channel.
  • Take 10-60 seconds of the video and create an Instagram and Facebook Reel.
  • You can also repurpose that for TikTok.
  • The graphic you created for Pinterest, share that on your Instagram Stories.
  • Post a graphic on your social media channels with why someone should listen to your podcast and 3 key takeaways from the episode.
  • Share the Reel or graphic into your Facebook Group or a group that allows promotions.
  • Talk about the podcast email in your weekly email to your audience

1 piece of content has turned into 10 pieces.

2. Interview guests on your podcast

This will really help with your reach by getting in front of other people’s audiences.

When you have a guest on your podcast ensure you tag them on social media when you talk about the podcast episode they are on. This will enable them to share on their social media accounts.

You can even share the graphics, video or Reel with them as they may wish to share with their own audience.

3. Podcast titles

Ensure your podcast episode title is clear and contains keywords. That way when someone searches Google, Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc you have a better chance of ranking.

4. Use your data

Don’t be afraid to analyse the data you already have about your podcast. What podcast episodes have been the most popular in terms of downloads and comments received? What didn’t perform well?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different titles and see what works and what doesn’t. 

5. Give your audience a reason to continue to listen

You want your audience to keep coming back each time you release an episode. 

So ask your audience what they want to hear on your podcast. Listen to their concerns, problems and questions they are asking you. 

6. Ask for reviews

Ask your listeners to leave a review for your podcast. You can offer them a freebie in return or a discount code for one of your products.

7. Be a guest

Be a guest on other people’s podcasts. They often ask where their audience can connect with you – you can mention you also have a podcast!

Now you know how to build a podcast audience, it’s time to put these tips into action. 

People who listen to your podcast will become loyal listeners and do the promotion for you! 

Katie x