How Kenz Soliman’s Accomplished 150k Students From Courses

In this episode, I’m joined by, Ken Soliman. We delve into the power of authenticity and impactful content creation. Kenz shares her journey of overcoming fear to deliver TEDx talks, highlighting the importance of staying true to oneself and finding joy in the creative process. The conversation shines a light on the value of impacting individuals and not getting caught up in numbers, while also exploring Kenz’s experience in creating over 66 courses on Udemy with over 150,000 students.

00:00 Creating Udemy courses to share skills globally.

03:49 Overcoming childhood struggles, finding empowerment through teaching.

07:08 Teaching and impacting others to create change.

12:30 Detach from results, focus on present actions.

14:37 Business growth changes decisions and perspectives positively. Udemy helped avoid unnecessary complications and burnout.

17:01 Embracing creativity and flexibility in business.

20:41 Struggles to fit in, but accepts imperfections.

23:45 Persisting through fear, aiming for a legacy. Join us as we uncover the transformative power of creating engaging content and embracing one’s unique voice in the digital world.

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