How to embrace authenticity to be a successful entrepreneur

For this episode I’m joined by Emma Gibbs-Ng, who helps you build a 6 figure business in the most unapologetic rebellious way. Emma is dropping some serious wisdom about the struggles and self-discovery that come with being an entrepreneur. With a huge focus on you don’t need to become someone else to be a success. Emma gets real about tackling mental obstacles, embracing self-care, and the importance of finding your own path to success. Get ready for an empowering chat that will have you feeling inspired to own your uniqueness and have a blast being your true, authentic self.

00:00 Recognizing work differences to avoid blending in.

05:51 Discovering myself through different, non-traditional business methods.

09:36 Business owners gotta be brave to stand out.

12:00 Losing power and blending in was a struggle.

15:04 Get clear on what you really want.

19:00 Get help, embrace imperfections, keep moving forward.

21:48 I stop working when my energy drops.

25:35 Believe in yourself and your capabilities, alright?

26:34 Missing out on chances, being your authentic self.

Exercise that Emma mentions:

1. Write down 10 things you are most proud of
2. Write down 10 things you love about yourself
3. Reach out to clients, friends, family members and ask then to describe you in 3 words to figure out if the real you is showing up in your business and throughout your content.

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