How to write an Instagram caption FAST

If writing Instagram captions takes you forever and puts you off posting on Instagram altogether, keep on reading!

Instagram captions should stop the scroll and ask the reader to “read more” Oh, you have about 2-3 seconds to accomplish this. That’s quite a lot to ask, right? That doesn’t even include a call to action! 😩

No wonder it takes what feels like forever to write just one caption.

I wanted to share with you my HICCUP formula that you can use to create your Instagram caption fast.

H – Headline. Make a headline that will leave people wanting more.
I – Introduction. Give a brief introduction to the topic in the caption.
C – Clear message. That is easy to read and understand. This should be the bulk of your caption.
C – Call to action. What action do you want the reader to take next? Tell them
U – YoU. Does the caption sound like yoU?
P – Post. Now is the time to hit the post button!

Before you share your post on Instagram. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How does this piece of content help my audience?
  • What is the purpose of this post?
  • Is it aligned with my goals?
  • Does it sound like me?
  • Does it have a call to action?

I would love for you to give it a go and let me know if it helps you create an Instagram caption in less time! Feel free to drop me a DM on Insta @Business_Wonderland if it helped so we can celebrate together 🥳