Instagram Stories for business

Instagram stories for business

Instagram stories are used by over 400 million daily users and has more users than snapchat. 

A story can be either a video or a photo that you share but only last for 24 hours. You stories can be viewed by anyone but only you can see who has viewed them. Stories are only available on the mobile app.

Instagram Stories for business

The great thing about stories is that they can be lots of fun, with different filters and more being added on a regular basis. Sometimes social media can feel like a chore but instagram stories are not like the rest of social media. 

Using stories as part of your social media strategy allow you to create a deeper relationship with your audience. Giving you the like, know and trust factor. They also help your audience relate to you much faster just like videos do, but stories aren’t so polished or have to be edited. You can also show off your personality.

People love the sense of being part of a community and you can achieve this through Instagram Stories. If you are currently using Instagram for your business you should be including stories in your social media strategy.

Is there a best time to post a story?

There isn’t a best time to post a story because they are visual be for 24 hours. I do recommend posting at least two stories a day. 

Instagrams algorithms regularly change and you often see changes to who you see in your newsfeed. Engagement rates drop and fall with algorithm changes as well but the great things about Instagram Stories is that if you are posting and engaging consistently with your audience, the algorithm changes won’t effect you too much. Plus if you are posting stories consistently you will always be at the front of your audience mine when they are on Instagram.

When I go on to Instagram there are stories that I always look out for and want to view.

@mrshinchhome has built her Instagram followers up to over 1 million by interacting on a daily basis with her followers on stories. She shares not only her cleaning tips but really shows off her personality and who can forget about Henry Hinch? Mrs Hinch’s cocker spaniel!

@ctilburymakeup shares behind the scenes of fashion week, launches, new products and of course make up tutorials which shows off her products.

@willsmith shares motivational speeches, family time, behind the scenes of movies and his celebrity friends which always give you the feel good factor.

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Do you Instagram stories for your business? I would love to know, please leave a comment below


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