Stop Stressing About What To Post on Social Media

Right now how stressful do you find posting on social media?
On a scale of 1-10
1- super stressful and 10 – It feels really good

I want to share three tips with you on how you can make posting on social media less stressful.

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I want to start with the mistakes I see people make, so let’s get into it:

1: Not being consistent

Consistent isn’t constant, nor is it about the frequency that you post. It’s also about being consistent with your messaging.

Does this sound familiar? You try to be consistent for a couple of weeks, maybe months and you don’t see the results for your efforts? So you stop.

Have you experienced this?

What you want to do is build momentum, awareness and build a community. That’s why my Engaging Content Club members are seeing amazing results because they have the accountability to remain consistent in posting and for their messaging. This leads to sales.

Now the frequency you post at is completely up to you. If you have struggled in the past with posting everyday. Try posting 3x per week and see how you get on. You can always increase it.

2. Worrying

Are you worrying about what other think about you?

Ask yourself this question, what is more important to you, the success of your business or the opinions of others?

Perhaps you are worrying if you’re posting the right thing on social media or if it’s good enough.
The only way you can find this out is to post it.

Be confident with testing content and then tweaking it.

3. No strategy or plan for your content

If you are showing up on social media with no plan or strategy on what you are posting or why you are posting content you are going to stress about it.

Now, I am NOT saying you have to write weeks of content in advance.
I don’t pre write my content weeks in advance but I DO have a plan of what content i’ll be posting.

Sometimes, I will even record the Reel on the same day (although I don’t recommend doing this).
But the most important thing is that there is a plan behind my content and a purpose.

There is more to social media than creating a graphic, writing a one line caption and posting it.

So, my tips to stop stressing about what to post on social media are:

1. Have a strategy and a plan
2. Stay consistent with your posting frequency and messaging
3. Remember why you are running your business and what result you want from your social media.