Social Media Tactics – Do they really work?

When I started teaching social media to other business owners, I was only teaching tactics because if I’m honest that is what helped me get my other business to the level I wanted to get it at.

When I started my membership – which was for pet business owners who wanted to use social media to sell their services and products. People would stay in the membership until they got to a certain level in business and then leave.

What I didn’t realise at the time was the tactics only got you so far in business.
I could tell my members how to use the platform and ways to hack the algorithm to get more likes and followers. But what was missing was the strategy.

Strategy outlives any tactic.

Since I’ve been using strategies for my business and for my clients, the results have been incredible.

With a strategy it’s easier to stay consistent both with posting content and messaging.
It’s easier to attract the right people, community and allow potential clients that you are the right person to work with.

Myself and my clients have been able to do this with tiny audiences and small audiences. Ranging from 300 followers – 5,000 followers.

So, yes social media tactics do work but they will only get you so far and they are not a long term solution to growing a successful business.