12 tips on how to spring clean your business

12 tips to spring clean your business

It’s that time of year where the air feels slightly different, blossom trees are blooming and daffodils are beginning to pop up, it’s spring time.

We often think of spring as that time to give everything a good clean and why not include your business in the spring clean? I’m not going to go full on Mrs Hinch, hardly any Zoflora is required for this spring clean! In this blog I share 12 tips on how to spring clean your business. 

There are a few parts to how I like to spring clean my business:
Virtual office
Home office
Visually appealing


how to spring clean your business

Virtual office

I always like to start the spring clean with my virtual office as this is the part of my business that tends to get messy. My virtual office is my computer and all things online.

Desktop – When was the last top you clean your desktop? Delete any unwanted screenshots, it’s surprising how fast they build up. Create folders for any that you want to keep, so you can find them easily when you need them. Not only will your desktop look neater but if you are using a Mac it will also increase the speed of your computer. 

Newsletter – How many email newsletter are you subscribe to but never open? Instead of deleting them or leaving them in your inbox, unsubscribe from the mailing list. Subscribed to so many that this spring clean could turn into a monthly task? Use a tool like unroll.me that will do it for you in bulk.

Inbox – How many unopened emails do you have in your inbox? If it’s in the 100s or 1000s, I suggest forwarding on the emails that you know you have to keep and doing a mass delete for the other 100s or 1000s of emails. It’s like a start over for your email account. Trust me, it will feel so much better. 

Social media bio’s – When was the last time you check over your social media bio’s? If you don’t know the answer, I think it might be time to do so now. Check that all the information is up to date, links work and your profile photo matches the season (no Christmas jumpers in sight, please). 

Links– Do all the links on your website and blog still work? This is defiantly worth taking the time to do. Some links can get broken and you could be missing out on customers.If you think this will be a mammoth task, invest in a VA to do this for you.


12 tips on how to spring clean your business


Home office

Your physical work space, whether that an office, a home office, the spare room or the kitchen table. Wherever it is, it’s important that it’s your space and your feel comfortable and productive working from there. 

Declutter– Do you have random things on your desk that have migrated there over the past weeks or months? Clear everything off of your desk and give it a good clean or “Hinch”. Don’t be tempted to put everything back on there when you have cleaned it. Put only things you actually need on there from day to day. I have usually have all sorts of random things on my desk, included dog treats.
What’s the most random thing you have on your desk?

Stationery– Throw away any pens that no longer work, or that you don’t enjoy writing with. Paper clips that are bent out of shape and no longer useable. Recycle any paper that you have finished with rather than leaving it lying around. 

Clean– Give your office or work space a clean. Sanitise your desk, keyboard (and mouse if you still use one). Open up the window to let some spring air in. 

Books– Arrange your books so they look neat and visually appealing on your shelfs. I separate my business books onto a separate shelf so that they are easy to grab when I need some motivation, inspiration or help.


12 tips on how to spring clean your business


Visually appealing 

Let’s make your work space more visually appealing to you so that you enjoy spending time there.

Stationer – Stationery doesn’t need to be boring. If there is something you struggle with, like account or a daily to-do list, buy stationery that is visually appealing so it take the edge off of boring tasks. Check out my mini daily planners here and I also like the Kikki. K stationery range. Extra bonus points if your stationery matches your brand colours. 

Flowers– it’s spring time so that means flowers, right? Buy yourself a bunch of flowers to brighten up the place. Whether you get them from the supermarket, the florist or order them online, they are sure to brighten up your work space. 

Scented Candle– If you haven’t got the spring weather and floral scents yet (hello UK) then why not get a scented candle for your work space? I find it brings some calm into my office. If you have pets, please be very careful with scented candles as not all scented candles are pet friendly. If you are worried or concerned about using scented candles, a great alternative is a salt lamp. 


That’s my 12 tips on how to spring clean your business. Please don’t feel like you have to do it all at once. Start with your virtual office, then physical office. Once you have done both you can start making your space look and feel great.

I hope you found the tips helpful, let me know if you are going to spring clean your business in the comments below.




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