How to find 30 hashtags for your Instagram post

How to find 30 hashtags for your Instagram post

How to find 30 hashtags for your Instagram post

Finding hashtags for Instagram can be a little bit overwhelming, confusing at times and even frustrating. I often see new clients Instagram posts with only 5-10 hashtags and ask me why they aren’t getting engagement or growing their account. 

In this video, I share my tip on how to breakdown your hashtags so it no longer feels overwhelming when it comes to finding hashtags for your Instagram post. 


If you don’t want to watch the video. Please carry on reading for the transcribe.

You have 30 hashtags to use on each of your posts, and these 30 hashtags means you’ve got 30 chances of more people seeing your post, and attracting a wider audience.

You definitely want to make sure that you’re using as many as possible. If you’re only using 5 to 10, your post isn’t going to get seen by many people. So let’s try and make use of those 30 hashtags.

Start breaking them down into groups of 10. This is what I do and I find it so much easier when I’m trying to think of hashtags for my individual posts.

You want 10 hashtags that describe the post, so, what’s actually in the photo.

10 hashtags that describes either your industry, or your business, for example, a personal trainer, dog groomer, social media consultant.

10 hashtags that are trending for your particular niche or industry. For example, I might use #smallbizuk or #womeninbusiness.

You want to be really careful though with these hashtags. You don’t want to use any that have over a million posts. If you do, it just means that your post probably won’t get seen within that hashtag.

These hashtags with over a million posts move really fast, for example, if you open up that hashtag on your Instagram post, you pick a photo and then refresh it, and see how far down the hashtag list that’s gone, and you’ll probably find you’ll have to scroll for quite a while to actually see that photo that you picked out.

I hope that was helpful. So don’t forget to break down your hashtags into groups of 10.

One group about the post,

One group for your business or industry,

One group for trending hashtags.

I would love to know if you found that tip helpful by leaving a comment below 

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  1. Alison Critchley Avatar
    Alison Critchley

    Thanks for this Katie, hashtags drive me crazy!

  2. I have never used as many as 30, the next time I will try.

  3. Great ipointers Katie, yes always helpful to hear the variety of ways we can balance interaction with hashtag attraction!

  4. Rachel Avatar

    Great tip! Thank you 🙂

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