The reason why your offer isn’t selling

Truth bomb, it isn’t because your offer…..
🙃 Sucks
💰 Doesn’t have enough bonuses
💕 has been over shared
Or because you haven’t created a fancy Reel

When your offer doesn’t sell, you go in a downward spiral into the valley of despair. You start to think you aren’t good enough and that maybe this whole business idea wasn’t so great after all. You think Instagram doesn’t work for you and you’ll never work out the secret code to unlocking £10k months.

So you stop sharing your offer and you stop sharing content. I get it, I’ve felt like this. *Cue ugly crying in the bath.

The real reason your fabulous offer isn’t selling is because of your messaging.

The message you communicate to your client represents your brand, offers and content. It’s the energy and how you communicate to your audience.

Take my awesome client Sarah. When she came to work with me, she already had 1:1 clients and 80 people in her membership. But she wanted to be able to help more women.

We doubled down on her messaging and did some tweaking and testing. Boom 💥

Her business exploded. From one post she had over 100 DMs, and added 30 new people to her membership. It didn’t stop there. Her membership has since tripled, she has had some epic speaking opportunities, held sold-out events and got a book deal. All with ease via her incredible content that speaks to her dream clients.

This is why messaging is so important.

Your content is the vehicle for your messaging. It helps make your content process so much easier.

I never struggle with coming up with content because I know my message and I know my ideal client.