How to get more likes for your Facebook Page

There are so many different ways to get more likes for your Facebook Page. In this blog I am going to explain three foundations that will help when posting content. They are:

1. Entertain
2. Educate
3. Engage

and they all refer to your audience. How can you entertain, educate and engage with them? Lets jump straight in and talk about entertaining your audience. There are many ways in which you can do this but I’m going to be showing you eight different ways:


1. Post relevant content that your audience would find entertaining.

2. Memes – because who doesn’t love a meme. Be sure to make it relatable to your audience

3. Viral content – that you think your audience would enjoy

4. Funny situations – tell your audience about a funny situation that you were in

5. Popular culture

6. Today’s issues – warning, be careful as it can be sensitive

7. Original content

8. Over the top humour

Think about some of the people or accounts that you follow on Facebook. Why do they entertain you? What do you like about them? What makes you like or comment on the posts?

Write a list of 8-10 accounts that you think your audience enjoy following. What are they doing to entertain their audience? Is there a way that you can inject some of these strategies into your social media?



Whether you think you can or you can’t, the answer is you can. You have knowledge that your audience will not have. Sometimes we can get lost in the amount of knowledge we have and think that everyone else must have the same amount of it as well. This is not true.

  1. Turn an educational piece into something interesting. Put you own spin on it
  2. Tell a story – your story and experiences
  3. Connect with emotions by going live on Facebook or Instagram
  4. Share tips with your audiences
  5. Tutorials

What are the ten things you wish that every single customer knows about your industry?

What are the pain points of those ten different pieces of information? Write or do a video on these subjects.


What are three things on your Facebook personal profile that you have liked over the last day?

Why did you like them? Were they funny, political, it resonated with you?

People engage when something makes them feel happy, angry, proud or sad.

What are the three things your target audience can’t help but engage with?

The human factor and like, know and trust are all super important when building your business. But be careful not to over share. If in doubt ask a friend to take the TMI test (Too much information) on your post.

I’ve seen some influencers share far too much information when they are launching a new product or service. Instead of connecting with their audience, it’s cringey, uncomfortable and I usually end up unfollowing them.

When you are writing an engaging post, think are you happy for the whole of the internet to see this and for the post to be forever available on the internet?

Encourage people to leave a comment on your posts by giving them a call to action. Don’t forget to reply to all comments even if it’s a few days later. This is the easiest way to engage and connect with your audience.

Ask your audience a question. This doesn’t have to be related to your business in any way e.g Are you an early bird or night owl? Do you prefer tea or coffee? Cats or dogs?

You can also ask people to like your page if they have liked your post. Click on where it says who has like your post, it will bring up a list. Invite those to like your page who haven’t already. Basically free Facebook likes!

Let me know by leaving a comment below your take aways from this blog post and what you are going to try to get more Facebook likes for your Page.

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