Five time saving tools for entrepreneurs

Five time saving tools for entrepreneurs and business owners

Multiple times per day, I see on social media that entrepreneurs and business owners never seem to have enough time to do everything in their business. Too many hats to wears and lots of juggling. We all want a better work/life balance.

Feeling like you don’t have enough time can be extremely overwhelming and can even stop people from continuing with their business. I wanted to share my favourite time saving tools and apps that I use in my business.

1. MeetEdgar

A social media scheduling tool. I love using MeetEdgar to schedule my tweets. It’s easy to use and input content. You can create different folders for different content e.g. blogs, tips, products, service etc. With the new(ish) Twitter rule in place where you can send the same tweet twice the variation option in MeetEdgar is a massive time saver.

Cost: Paid

2. Canva

An online graphic design platform where you can create graphics for your social media accounts, Pinterest, You Tube, workbooks, web banners and more. With 1000s of templates available all you have to do is change the text and if you wish, change the colours to match your brand. I use to spend ages creating graphics for social media. Using Canva, I can create one in about three minutes. There is also a mobile version as well as a desktop version.

Cost: Free and paid options available

3. Facebook Post Scheduler

Not an app or tools as such, more of a feature within Facebook itself. Top tip- Facebook doesn’t like it when you use 3rd party scheduling tools. A lot of user using 3rd scheduling tools have seen a dramatic decrease in post reach. I highly recommend using the Facebook scheduler to batch your posts for your Facebook page.

Cost: Free

4. Dropbox

A virtual workspace where you can store files and images. You can use Dropbox on your desktop and on you phone. So you can access and download your files whether you are at home or on the the go. It’s also a great tool for sharing files, especially large one with other people or team members.

Cost: Free and paid options available

5. Quickbooks

An online accounting tools for business owners. It’s super easy to use for all your business accounting needs. It can track expenses, income, mileage, send invoices and calculate taxes plus more. Available on desktop and on mobile.

Cost: Paid (prices start very low)

I would love you to check out these tools and apps to see if you can save time in your business. I’ve tried to include free tools and paid for tools so that it will be suitable for all budgets. I have used all of these tools and still do. I highly recommend checking them out. If you find any of them useful, please let me know! Because I love these tools so much some of the links are affiliate links which means I get a small amount of money if you sign up, at no extra cost to you.

6. Bonus Tool: Engaging Content Club

If you’re fed up with winging it when it comes to creating content…

Instead you want content creation to feel easy, exciting, have your audience talk back to you, generate leads and sign clients and receive comments like “I needed to hear this”, “You make it seem so easy” “I love how you explain it” “It’s like you’re in my head”

Get weekly accountability, that allows you to create content with a purpose and that’s consistent, so you can finally attract your dream client with ease and flow with Engaging Content Club. Find out more here.


2 responses to “Five time saving tools for entrepreneurs”

  1. I have been using Facebook Scheduler and it has really helped my time management, plus with regular postings every day I have seen my engagement rise as well as my page likes. Next step is to conquer Twitter with MeetEdgar. Thanks for the tips.

    1. You are welcome, Michelle. Let me know how you get on with Twitter and MeetEdgar. Katie x

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