Mindful ways to use social media

Social media is a big part of our lives for most of us these days. With over half of the worlds population using it, there is always something new and exciting happening. Which means it can be sometimes difficult to switch off from social media. 

It can also bring up different emotions, positive and negative. We should be in control of our social media and how it makes us feel. In this blog I share six ways of how to use social media in a more mindful way. 



If a friend or an account gives you negative thoughts of feelings, or you no longer enjoy following them, unfollow or unfriend that person or account. 
You don’t need be a people pleaser.Your mental health is more important than following someone for the sake of it on social media.

Use a Timer

If you feel like you are spending too much time scrolling aimlessly on social media, limit the amount of time you spend on a social media platform. There are many apps that you can download on to your phone and desktop. 

Social Media Detox

If these words bring fear to you, it’s probably time for a little detox. I’m not talking days, I’m talking hours (small steps).
Be present when you are spending time with family and friends. A little trick it don’t leave your phone out on the table. Put your phone away, leave it in your bag, pocket and leave it there. If you are someone that likes to take photos, put your phone into airplane mode and post photos on social media when you are home or your friends or family have left. 

Encourage and Inspire

If you see a post that helps you, lifts you up, share it with your audience or share it on your personal account. Don’t forget to leave a comment on the original post letting that person know that you enjoyed their post and how it made you feel. Your comment may make their day. Plus it spreads encouragement and happy vibes across social media. 

Don’t over consume

Creativity feeds our souls. Try to create more than you consume on social media. Consuming lots and lots of information can sometimes make up feel overwhelmed and stressed out. These thoughts have lasting affects on our mind and body. 


Remember that people share their highlight reel on social media and very rarely their reality. You don’t know everything that goes on with someones life beyond social media. We all have our own struggles and are going through our own battles. Don’t be frightened to be yourself and don’t compare yourself to strangers on the internet.

Social media is an amazing part of life, you can decide whether you choose it for the good or bad. In a mindful way or in a frantic way. 

I recently changed my whole morning routine as I was continuously felt panicked, overwrought and a little on the anxious side. I felt like I had to get a number of tasks completed on social media before a set time. Which was all in my head. I started the day checking my phone. I was thinking about others in the first hour of my day, rather than thinking of myself and looking after myself. 

I reevaluated what was important to me on a morning, how did I want to feel and how did I want to set my day up for success. It didn’t include checking my phone as soon as I woke up. It has taken me years to get into this mindset. I use to think people who had time to read in the morning or workout, do yoga first thing must get up at 5am (which is something I have no interest in doing). This is not the case. It’s all about setting your day up for success, taking time for you and not getting out of bed and checking all of your notifications. They can wait an extra 30- 60 minutes. 

We can control what we do to help our mental health and state of mind. You are in the drivers seat when it comes to how you use social media for your business and for personal use.

I hope you found these tips helpful and perhaps think about how you are using social media in your life.


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