How to build awareness for your business

We would all love to be in the spotlight and have more awareness for our business, right? You might think that you are in a saturated market and how can you make your business stand out from the noise?

In this blog I share my tip on how you can get your business noticed by more people. This tip helped me grow my business, social media follower but also my connections.

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I’m going to be talking to you about how to create more awareness for your business. And it’s a super easy tip that everyone can implement today with no cost.

As business owners, we have to wear lots of different hats, social media, marketing, book keeping and it’s very, very time consuming. It’s so tempting to automate as much as we possibly can in our businesses which to some degree I do agree with but there’s one thing that I recommend that you never automate and it’s the same thing that’s gonna help you get more awareness for your business.

So what is it? It’s all about engaging and interacting with other people. So by this I mean taking five to ten minutes every single day and leave comments on other people’s social media posts.

Reply to comments on your own social media posts. You can also do this with blogs, Facebook groups as well.

Why do this? So when you’re interacting with other businesses, other businesses and people also see your comments. So they begin to see your name over and over again and eventually they will go oh, I’m gonna go and check them out and they start to feel like they know you because they’ve seen you interacting all the time.

So keep social media social and take five to ten minutes every single day and interact with other social media users.

You can also take this offline, you can hop on a call, you can go to networking events or you can even arrange your own meetup. But let’s keep social media social and let’s get more awareness for your business. I would love to know if you already do this.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you do or perhaps you’ve been thinking of doing this but it’s not been a priority or you’ve kind of not had the courage to do so.

Leave a comment below and let me help you in whatever way I possibly can. I hope you enjoyed this tip and I can’t wait to see you going out there and leaving more comments on people’s social media accounts. I’ll see you next time for another quick tip.

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2 responses to “How to build awareness for your business”

  1. Thanks for the tip!! When you say it, it totally makes sense. I’ve thought of doing it but felt a bit awkward or false and so I read other comments and don’t really interact. I shall take the time to do this and see if it makes a difference over time…! Thankyou!

  2. Thank you Katie great advice!

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