How to map out a month of content in under 30 minutes

How to map out a months worth of content in under 30 mintues

Content creation got you feeling overwhelmed?!

You are not alone. Creating content is something that so many business owners struggle with. 

Check out my 3 tips on how you can map out a month of content in under 30 mins.

The first thing you need to decide is how many times per week you would like to post on social media per week. Please note, you do not need to post every single day!


  1.  Create 3-5 content pillars for your business. 
  1. Grab yourself some post it notes 
  1. Use a whiteboard or a large piece of cardboard/paper (or simply use a plain wall)

Write out your content pillars along your whiteboard and write the week commenting down the side. See photo below.

content planning using a white board

Start adding content ideas that match your content pillars. This ensures that you have an equal balance of content that covers your content pillars week in week out.

social media planning

Do this at the end of every month so that you are prepped and ready for the month ahead. This will save you from feeling overwhelmed, stressed or posting for the sake of posting. Which means you are able to show up consistently for your community and save time.

If you’re fed up with winging it when it comes to creating content…

Instead you want content creation to feel easy, exciting, have your audience talk back to you, generate leads and sign clients and receive comments like “I needed to hear this”, “You make it seem so easy” “I love how you explain it” “It’s like you’re in my head”

Get weekly accountability, that allows you to create content with a purpose and that’s consistent, so you can finally attract your dream client with ease and flow with Engaging Content Club. Find out more here.


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