Why you shouldn’t invite friends to like your Facebook Page

You’ve set up a new Facebook Page for your business and now you want people to like the page. So you reach out to your friends and invite them all to like your new page.

In this blog I’m going to talk about why inviting all your friends to like your Facebook Page isn’t a good idea and why doing this can actually damage your Facebook Page. 

I know it’s so tempting to invite all of your Facebook friends to your Page,I get it, you want to get in front of people and start making sales. However, you want to invite friends that are only INTERESTED in your business.



What do I mean by this?
You want to invite people to like your page that are your ideal client. The people that you want to work with and are relevant to your business.

Example if you have a local service such as a beauty therapist, you probably only want to invite local friends that are interested in beauty treatments.

The same if you are a dog walker, you only want to invite your local friends who own dogs.

By doing this you are getting in front of the right people for your business. You will have higher engagement for your Facebook Page which is definitely what you want. The third thing is Facebook will then recommend your page to others that it thinks will be interested in your page.

So if Aunty Dorris who is 70 years old invites all of her friends to like your local botox Facebook Page, Facebook will then recommend your local botox page to other people like Aunty Dorris and her friends.

What to do if you have invited your friends who aren’t in your local area to your business or your ideal client?
This may be tough but I would remove them from your page. You can do this by going to your page, click on settings, then select people and other pages.
You can view who likes your page and remove any one that isn’t relevant to your business. 


Removing likes from a Facebook Page


You want Facebook to recommend people who are actually going to be interested in your services. So whether you are local, national or global, have think before you invite a friend to like your page, are they going to be interested in it? Are they in the right area? Do they have the right criteria for what service or product you are selling

Facebook likes are just a vanity metric. Page likes don’t pay your bills. It’s better to have a smaller Page following with an engaged audience than a large audience who don’t engage with your Page. Why because people who are engaged with your Page are most likely to buy from you.


If you have awesome friends that do want to support you with your business, they can can still support you by telling people about your business – words of mouth is great for a business!


I hope you found this blog helpful and has encourage you to only invite friends who will be interested in your business.