build a community of 7 million

How I built an online community of 7 million people… for FREE!

Wanna know the secret of how I reached over 7 million people for FREE?


Google use #woofwoofwednesdayIn 2014, I started a Twitter chat hour called #woofwoofwednesday. I wanted to bring pet business owners together. A place to make friends and get support. 


 Every Wednesday evening I would show up and start Tweeting, despite only a handful of people joining in. 


Throughout 2014 and 2015, the Twitter chat hour started to grow and more people started to join in. EVERY week, I would show up. Even when I was on holiday 🏖


English Heritage use #woofwoofwednesday

In 2016, something incredible happened. Google starting tweeting about my Twitter chat hour. I could NOT believe it. Tweets were shortly followed by The Times, Channel 4, ITV, MTV Music, Krispy Kreme, Sir Paul McCartney, English Heritage and more. WTF?!


After this happened, more and more people joined in and we were reaching over 7 million people every single week. 9 million on a great week


It became the place to go in the pet industry, to get help and support for your business. It was incredible to see so many pet business owners supporting one another. Friendships were being formed as well as collaborations. Even to this day, I still see people who joined in my Twitter chat hour working together. 


Sir Paul McCartney uses #woofwoofwednesdayThis success did not happen over night. I showed up every single week for over 5 years. I had people who tried to take it away from me and copy me. They didnt have the grit and determination I did. That is what set me apart. I showed up even when only 5 people joined in.


Building a community takes time. If you have a handful of people engaging, keep going.


Imagine if I had given up after 2 years, I wouldnt have had the success I did and I wouldnt have had the courage to set up Business Wonderland.TV show This Morning use my hashtag


The secret……be consistent, show up even when no one else is joining in and believe in yourself.


You can do this. 


Katie x