imposter syndrome

4 Tips to Beat Imposter Syndrome

 When I first started my business, despite having so much knowledge and knowing I could help women in business create content that converts, I doubted myself. I had a full on case of imposter syndrome. 

 Can you relate to any of these statements? 

 “Who am I to tell someone how to do this?” 

 “Why would anyone listen to me?” 

  “I’m not good enough” 

Every now and again my confidence would have a boost by someone saying how much I had helped them and how much fun it was, but I knew I couldnt rely on external opinions to build a business. I knew things had to change.

Here are 4 tips that helped me overcome my imposter syndrome:

1. Create before you consume.

We all love a scroll on insta, right? But this can send you in a downward spiral. Instead create or plan your content before you start scrolling. 

2. Unfollow accounts that don’t make you happy

Are you feeling good about yourself and all of a sudden you read or watch something and it makes you feel like shit?! UNFOLLOW them straight away. Any account that does not bring you joy does not deserve your attention!

3. Work on your mindset daily

Whether its reading 5 pages from a personal development book, a YouTube video, daily affirmations, mediation or journaling, whatever works for you, do it on a daily basis. This will be one of your greatest tools.

4. You are unique – remember that!

Your experiences, struggles and journey is what makes you, you. There is no unique message, only unique messengers!

BONUS TIP: Dont listen to too many people or to anyone who hasnt done what you want to achieve.

You can do anything you put your mind to. Youve got this! 




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