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4 ways to optimise your Instagram highlights

When was the last time you updated your highlights? 

How many of your highlights are outdated, no longer relevant or a little empty? It’s time to give them a little refresh – check out my tips below on how to do this easily.

 1. Create covers for your highlights

I use Canva – it’s really simple to use. Creating covers for your highlights, not only makes them look more attractive but also keeps your account on brand. 


2. Create content pillars

Not sure what highlights you should create for your account? A great place to start is to cover the content pillars you talk about over and over again. Dont forget to create a highlight about you. This is a great way for a new followers to know, like and trust you. 


3. Update them often

Our businesses are constantly changing, so should your highlights. Im not talking every day or week but put a note in your diary or planner every quarter to go through your highlights and up date them. 


4. Remove

Remove any that are no longer relevant or no longer serve your ideal client. 

Let me know if you are going to update your highlights after reading this blog.

Katie x 


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