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What to post on Twitter for your business

by | September 5, 2018 | 0 comments

Twitter is a great social media for business. Whether your business serves B2B or B2C it can really help with having a presence on social media. Many people bypass Twitter because they don’t get it or they don’t know what to tweet. Twitter is like any other social media platform, it’s just more open and a little faster.

Ideally you should be tweeting on a daily basis, multiple time per day. I recommended Tweeting at least four times per day. Below I have ten different things that you tweet about for your business.Whether you are a local business or an online business, you sell products or services these ten tips will help you get tweeting and unlock the opportunities that are waiting for you on Twitter.

Tips are great to tweet. What tips would your audience be interested in or find helpful?
You can either share them as an image, video or text

2. Events
Let your followers know what events you are attending. Whether you have a stand at the event, speaking or attending as a visitor. Find the hashtag for the event and use it in your tweets. Share photos of your stand, a photo of you speaking or share your takeaways from the event

3. Blogs
You spend  a lot of time creating and writing your blogs.  The thought, care and attention that you put into them, so why only share your blog post when you first upload it to your website. By continuously tweeting out your blogs, it drives traffic to your website.

I use MeetEdgar to schedule all of my tweets, including my blogs.
Ensure you have a catchy blog title and image- I recommend using Designsta for creating graphics. Also by sharing your blogs it will raise your business profile and help with SEO.

4. Promotions/Offers
Let your followers know if you have a special offer or sale going on. Post photos of items or services that are in the offer or sale

5. Work in Progress
Work in progress is a great way to show off your products.

6. Behind the scenes
Who doesn’t love to see behind the scenes of a business?
It makes people feel part of the business. Share how you  send out your items, out on a dog walk , or on a photo shoot.

7. Testimonials
If you have happy customers then be sure to share that with your followers. Create an image to share your testimonials and if you have a photo that you customer has sent, ask them if you can use it .

8. Industry News
If there is any current news in your industry/niche you can share or retweet to your followers. If you think they would be interested or it would resonate with them, then share it. It’s a great way to start a conversation. Ask for their opinions. 

9. Products/services
Don’t forget to share the products and/or services that you provide. People want to know what you offer. Include photos and videos as much as possible to showcase them.

10. Graphics/Meme/Quotes
Share memes, fun graphics and if appropriate quotes.  Make them attractive to get people to notice them. If you are creating memes/quotes or graphics ,keep them on brand. They are really great to get people engaged and tend to have a high retweet rate.


I hope these ten ideas has inspired you to get tweeting. Please follow me over on Twitter, feel free to leave a link to your Twitter account in the comments section below, so I can give you follow. Also, let me know what your favourite idea was and what you are going to tweet about.

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